Eight Quick Questions with Rowan Wren

The best thing about having your own Hot Tub Crime Machine is that even when it's cold and gloomy outside, we stay toasty and keep the party bubbling! 
Today, author Armand Rosamilia returns with Eight Quick Questions for Irish author Rowan Wren.

Basic stuff: your name, where you’re from
Rowan Wren. I’m from Ireland.

The title of your latest thriller book. 
Dear Dolly.

Is it part of a series?
Nope. She’s a lone girl.

Give us the elevator pitch for the book. No spoilers.
When the body of Dolly Wright is found frozen solid on the side of The Dead Shot, Detective Cash Harvey is forced to confront the dark reality of the woman she loved in order to find her killer.
Something unique about it.
It deals with the dark side of girlhood which isn’t something you see explored very often.
Your biggest inspirations in writing. 
Definitely childhood — the dark parts. No one likes to talk about that stuff, but that’s where the meat is. Every child has a secret their adult self carries. I like exposing it — let it breathe a little.
Where can people find you on social media?
My Twitter is @rowan_wren . I’m trying to be more active on Instagram too- @rowanwren
Rowan Wren - Fascinated since childhood by the ugly underbelly of her small home town, Rowan Wren’s writing is inspired by her desire to expose and explore the darkness which lurks beneath the daily mundane. Dear Dolly is her debut novel. She lives with her family along the Irish coast and hates talking about herself in third person.
Thanks for introducing us to Rowan, Armand!


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