Eight Quick Questions with D. H. Schleicher

And we are back with another week of Hot Tub Crime Machine! Kicking things off is the Always Astute Armand Rosamilia with another burst of rapid-fire questions. Taking cover and returning fire this time is author D.H. Schleicher.

Basic stuff: your name, where you’re from
D. H. Schleicher. I’m from the South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia.

The title of your latest thriller book. 
Then Came Darkness

Is it part of a series

Give us the elevator pitch for the book. No spoilers.
A booktuber actually gave me a great elevator pitch recently when they said that Then Came Darkness was like The Grapes of Wrath…but creepier…and with a lot more murder.

Something unique about it.
The idea for Then Came Darkness came to me while I was on vacation in Cooperstown, NY and attending a special exhibit of Walker Evans photography at the Fenimore Art Museum.

Your biggest inspirations in writing. 
I take inspiration from everywhere: from what I read, from movies I love, from travel, from art, from life.

Where can people find you on social media?
I have a blog where I talk about movies, books, writing and travel (TheSchleicherSpin.com), and you can find me on Twitter (@schleicherspin) and Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/davethenovelist)

D. H. Schleicher is the author of the independent novels Then Came Darkness and The Thief Maker. His writing has appeared in A Million and One Magazine, Underground Voices, Scratch, Eunoia Review, LitNoir, and Wonders in the Dark. You can follow his blog TheSchleicherSpin.com where he shares his views on books, movies, and travel. He hails from the South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia where he lives with his wife and son.
Thanks, Armand! Good luck with the new release, D.H.!


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