Eight Quick Questions with Leo Zaccari

It's another Monday at the Hot Tub Crime Machine, and that means it's time for another Eight Quick Questions segment with author and podcaster extraordinaire Armand Rosamilia. Today, he's brought us teacher, editor, and author, Leo Zaccari into the Hot Tub. 

Basic stuff: your name, where you’re from
Leo Zaccari from Manalapan, New Jersey
The title of your latest thriller book.

Is it part of a series?
Yes. I’m finishing book two, which should be out Fall of 2019. 

Give us the elevator pitch for the book. No spoilers.
Raven is a young woman with strange powers and even stranger dreams. When a murder makes it clear her dreams are connected to reality, she realizes that she’s part of something much larger. 

Something unique about it.
Raven is a superhero battling schizophrenia

If it’s a series, do you know how many books it will ultimately be?
I’m planning six or seven. Or maybe ten. 

Your biggest inspirations in writing.
Douglas Adams, Walt Simonson, Ridley Scott, James Cameron
Where can people find you on social media?

Leo Zaccari is a history teacher, music editor for horrorchannel.com, and author of the psychological thriller ARKHANGEL.

Thanks, Armand and Leo! 


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