Eight Quick Questions with Chuck Buda

It's time for another Eight Quick Questions, where author and podcaster Armand Rosamilia brings a guest to the Hot Tub Crime Machine and gives them sixty seconds to answer or else. 
Today Armand's guest is author Chuck Buda!

Basic stuff: your name, where you’re from
Chuck Buda, New Jersey

The title of your latest thriller book.
Pay Up and Die

Is it part of a series?
Yes, it is part of the Debt Collector crime thriller series

Give us the elevator pitch for the book. No spoilers.
A serial killer on the loose in Corporate America.

Something unique about it.
Believe it or not, the premise of the series is semi-autobiographical.

If it’s a series, do you know how many books it will ultimately be?
The series is a complete trilogy.

Your biggest inspirations in writing.
Ian Fleming, Stephen King, Armand Rosamilia, Lee Child

Where can people find you on social media?
I spend most of my time on Twitter but I can be found all over the place.

Chuck Buda is an author and podcast host from New Jersey. He is best known for his love of pizza and Black Metal. Chuck grew up a fan of all things monstrous and unexplained, beginning a lifelong journey in search of scares and thrills. His twisted dreams feed the dark muse. Chuck Buda co-hosts The Mando Method Podcast on Project Entertainment Network with author, Armand Rosamilia. They talk about all aspects of writing.

Thanks Armand, and good luck, Chuck! 


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