Eight Quick Questions with Jay Wilburn

Welcome back to the Hot Tub Crime Machine, one and all! Today we're beginning a new feature called Eight Quick Questions with various thriller authors from around the globe, by author and podcaster Armand Rosamilia. 
Today, he's got award-winning author Jay Wilburn in the Hot Tub for Eight Quick Questions. 
Take it away Armand!

Basic stuff: your name, where you’re from
My name is Jay Wilburn. I live in Conway, South Carolina near Myrtle Beach.

Jay Wilburn
The title of your latest thriller book. 
Yard Full of Bones

Is it part of a series?
This is a standalone novel.

Give us the elevator pitch for the book. No spoilers.
A power couple has a nasty split and then one of them ends up dead. As the survivor tries to clear himself of the killing, he discovers deadly secrets in a small town across the country and finds danger beyond the world he understands.

Something unique about it.
It mixes elements of a detective mystery and cosmic horror.

If it’s a series, do you know how many books it will ultimately be?
Probably just the one, but there is room for a sequel.

Your biggest inspirations in writing.
 I co-wrote this book with Armand Rosamilia. His crime fiction writing served to help bring in a unique voice and take on the supernatural elements of the book.

Where can people find you on social media?
Look for the Jay Wilburn author page on Facebook. @AmongTheZombies on Twitter and Instagram. Or find me on Twitch at Twitch.tv/JayWilburn.

Jay Wilburn is a Splatterpunk Award nominated author with work in Best Horror of the Year Volume 5. He recently survived a kidney transplant and is currently training for a double marathon. His work includes the novel Vampire Christ, Yard Full of Bones, the nonfiction work How to Make No Friends Everywhere, and the children's series The Lake Scatter Wood Tales. He is the 2019 winner of the KillerCon Gross Out Contest.

Armand Rosamilia has written over 150 stories that are currently available, including horror, zombies, contemporary fiction, thrillers and more. His goal is to write a good story and not worry about genre labels. He not only runs two successful podcasts...
Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast - interviewing fellow authors as well as filmmakers, musicians, etc.
The Mando Method Podcast with co-host Chuck Buda - talking about writing and publishing
But he owns the network they're on, too! Project Entertainment Network.

Short and sweet, just like we like it at the Hot Tub Crime Machine! Thank you, Armand and Jay! 


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