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HorrorWeen Spooktacular: How to Fix The Evil Dead Franchise

When we came out to the Hot Tub tonight, much to our surprise, it had been transformed into a bubbling cauldron! This is the month when our focus turns from crime to...slime. 
Today, the ghost of Bernard Schaffer has manifested from a pile of old bones to bring us news from the other world. A world inhabited by...The Evil Dead. 

I was a kid when I first saw The Evil Dead (1981). I had a friend who was way into horror and had amassed immense knowledge about the genre. he knew everything about it. From books to comics to obscure Scandinavian hard rock bands that dedicated entire albums to HP Lovecraft. He introduced me to Re-Animator and the then-unknown Peter Jackson's splatterfest, Bad Taste.
Growing up, I was always more of a science fiction and fantasy fan than horror fan. But still, I respected the depth of the genre and people's devotion to it. He was instrumental in that.
One day, he told me he'd acquired a bootleg VHS copy of The Evil Dead and told me it had been pers…

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